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New Low Price!!
RigRight 1.0

  • The most powerful, practical, and proven rigging software available!
  • Quickly computes forces and dimensions for deadhangs, breastlines, and bridles with complete accuracy.
  • Computes the accumulated total load on each beam.
  • Can record and use files of show rigging point locations and beam locations. 
  • Stores many files, enabling users to compute rigging for any show in any venue.
  • Imports show rigging point and beam locations from CAD programs.
  • Individual solutions can be optimized to fit specific requirements. Users have complete control over every part of a solution.
  • Solutions can be viewed, printed, recorded, and exported.
  • Metric or Imperial units.
  • Many more capabilities! Easy-to-use manual.
  • RigRight is supplied as a CD and and an 87-page manual.

RigRight Questions and Answers

  What does RigRight do?
RigRight is a program that computes and adjusts rigging geometry and forces. It calculates positions, lengths, and forces for bridles, breastlines (taglines), and deadhangs. It manages any number of loads simultaneously, of any weight and at any location, rigged from beams at any location. It does solutions in both 2 and 3 dimensions. Individual solutions can be adjusted to fit a particular situation. It supports files of beams and show rigging points. Solutions can be viewed individually, printed, recorded, and exported in spreadsheet form singly or as part of a group. 

  Does RigRight calculate the force and weight on venue beams?

RigRight calculates the total force and the total horizontal and vertical components of force on each beam due to the sum of all show rigging loads. 

  Can RigRight import beam and show rigging point information?

RigRight imports files of venue beams and show rigging points. It can store an unlimited number of files. You can compute rigging for any show in any venue.

  Why should I get RigRight?

It calculates the forces on rigging equipment and beams exactly, so you know whether they are within safe load limits. Locations are accurate to the inch. Practical solutions can be optimized quicker and better than by any other method. It can cut rigging time and cost in half. It imports and exports files of beams and show rigging points. It is comprehensive, practical, and proven, having been developed and used for 10 years by one of the world�s most experienced riggers.
RigRight�s power, flexibility, and user-friendliness is unequalled. With the book Entertainment Rigging it forms the only complete rigging system available.  It�s the most valuable tool for rigging ever developed.

  What kind of bridles does it do?

RigRight computes all dimensions, lengths, and forces for both 2-leg and 3-leg bridles. Legs can connect to either linear beams (two dimensions) or fixed ceiling anchor points (three dimensions), at any height and location. If there is a vertical sling below the bridle junction it calculates that length also. 

  What about deadhangs?

RigRight is the only program that computes objects rigged from single or multiple deadhangs at any angle. It computes the position of the hanging object, sling lengths, and the forces on each deadhang and beam. If you change the location of a deadhang it computes the resulting new object position. This capability enables the use of angled deadhangs instead of bridles to rig multi-point objects accurately, reducing time, labor, crew size, equipment, and cost. 

  Does it give me sling length or geometric distance? 

RigRight supplies what is needed in practice, the actual sling lengths after allowing for shackles, beam hitches, and chain hook height. It can also compute geometric distance if you prefer.

  Do the solutions use standard-length slings? 

Creating accurate solutions that use standard-length slings in an important practical requirement. With RigRight, it�s easy.
You can specify standard lengths, available lengths, or any length you want.  No other method approaches RigRight�s capability and ease of use in this area.

  What if I want to change something?

You are not locked into a computer-generated solution. Individual solutions can be adjusted and optimized for specific requirements. You can modify anything at any stage of the computation process. You have complete control over all dimensions and lengths, shackle size and number, hitch length, chain hook height, weight, and which beams are used. RigRight invites human interaction. 

  How do I enter beam and show rigging point locations in a solution?

Beam locations can be entered manually. Or just clicking on a beam�s name in a file enters the location data automatically. The same methods work for show rigging point location and weight. 

  How do I create files of beams or show rigging points?

You can construct a beam file by entering beam locations in the file individually. Or you can import a file of venue beams. Show rigging point files are created the same way. 

  What if show rigging plot dimensions are measured from the front of the stage, but venue beams are measured from the venue South wall?
The reference systems are completely different! 

You specify where the show is in the venue and which direction it faces. RigRight merges the show file with the venue file and references all locations to the same origin. Merged file dimensions can be in relation to either the stage or the venue, at your choice. 

What if the stage is moved in the venue?

Just create a new merged file based on the new location of the stage in the venue. This alters the locations of all show rigging points in relation to the venue beams as a group, enabling users to easily recompute all rigging when the stage area moves to a new location in the building.

  Does RigRight use Metric or Imperial units?

It uses either Metric or Imperial units, at your choice.

  What if the show rigging plot is in meters but the venue beams are in feet (or vice versa)?

RigRight converts the show rigging point measurements from meters to feet (or vice versa).

  Can I import computer drawings into RigRight?

RigRight imports data from graphic programs when it is converted to a numerical spreadsheet. In AUTOCAD, for instance, this is a simple process. You give each venue beam a name, then AUTOCAD�s Attribute Extraction function generates a spreadsheet with each beam�s name and X, Y, Z dimensions. 

  Which graphic programs is it compatible with?

Because RigRight transfers drawing information via spreadsheets, it can import and export data from any graphic program. You are not required to have a specific CAD program.

  What are the system requirements?

RigRight 1.0 runs in Windows 98, 2000, and XP. It needs 20 MB of RAM, 10 MB space on the hard drive, and a screen resolution of 800 x 600 or higher. 

  What comes with the software?

RigRight 1.0 on CD, and a comprehensive 87-page manual.

  How much does it cost?
RigRight is $340.00 plus shipping. NEW LOW PRICE!!

  What about technical support?

Calls are answered personally by Harry Donovan, the developer of the program and one of the world�s most knowledgeable and respected riggers. 

  Is there a guarantee? 

If you are not satisfied with RigRight for any reason, return it within 30 days for a full refund, less shipping costs.


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